Days Worth Treasuring.

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My EPIC days and "Escapes" with the EPIC people I Love. :) 5ever. Moments and Happenings.

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Words can't explain how thankful and overwhelming this feeling. This was the BEST ESCAPE so far that my future travel buddies have done. Although it wasn't summer, still we will never forget this one of a kind experience and a one of a kind sight with my buddies. Since we travel with asking permissions to our parents, we decided to call our squad "Future Travel Buddies". But! Once we graduate and get our future going, the word"Future" will no longer be there. For we will be "Travel Buddies" for REAL and for LIFE. To my dearest squad there, Thank You guys soooo mmuuucccchh! I love you guys to infinity and beyond! More Adventures and "Escapes" for us! Let's go far places in the future! Never forget one another and always keep in touch. We may never graduate at the same time, but still we will travel and travel together forever. My theme song for this Escape is Summer Paradise by Simple Plan. Let me end this write up by quoting a part of the song.

"Cause I remember every sunset

I remember every word you said
We were never gonna say goodbye
Singing la-da-da-da-da

Tell me how to get back to
Back to summer paradise with you

And I'll be there in a heartbeat" 

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